Life Enhancement and Extension Through Stress Management

We all live in a stressful society where much of our "angst" causes us to lose control, develop an "anger in" and become victims of a "hurry sickness". To protect ourselves from illness and to lead to a happier and more productive life, we must know about our stress, our levels of it and what to do about it.

Benefits of Stresscom...

  • Understand how stress affects work and productivity.
  • Offers proven techniques and treatments for managing stress.
  • Helps you understand how stress is related to heart disease and possibly cancer.
  • Identifies which of the 6 areas of your stress is the highest.
  • Costs only $12.00, less with a doctor's prescription.
  • Allows you to use Stresscom four times a year to monitor your progress.
  • Print out and share your results with your physician or counselor.
  • Increases work productivity and life satisfaction.

Join with thousands of others and invest in your health through the education provided by Stresscom.